Bareño Family Blog

This is open to all Bareño Lineage! My hope is that this site will grow each day by your input and incite to the history of the Bareño family.

There are many people out there who are curious about the Bareño name. This is a site to give information and history behind the name.

Bareño unlike Smith or Garcia is not a very common last name, so my hope is to tie our history with our future.

Feel free to email me at get a web login and password to access the rest of the blog

It is my understanding that all the Bareno’s are related and that we all originated from Bareno Spain. I have password protected the blog so that we will feel secure in share personal information about ourselves. Thank you for being apart of this growing blog.




    • David G. Bareño said,

      Hello! What would you like to access. I started this project for our family. You are welcome to write a post and I can approve it. Do you have more information on our lineage?

      • D. Bareño said,

        please email me @ and I will give you the passcode. Thank you!

    • D. Bareño said,

      Ok. Please email me. Thank you! Sorry for the late response. I have two companies. I would like to add more info about our family!

      • Nancy Lee Bareño Vda. de Paterson said,

        Hello David: I am Nancy Lee Bareño. My father was Rafael H. Bareño and my grandfather was Santiago Llarrinaga Bareño of Ensenada area (Rancho El Parral). I have some documents and research done by John Meza Bareño. Three years ago, I traveled in Spain and felt I had come home. Amazing. My family tree findings are on have been a guest for 12 years). Would love to hear from you. Are you a close relative?? I also attended a Bareño family reunion several years ago but have lost contacts. My email is: Nancy B. de P.

  2. Nora Seidl said,

    It was nice talking to you today

  3. Carlos Verdugo said,

    Hola…soy un descendiente de Francisco Bareño Garayzar, nació en 1810, quien se estableció en Baja California Sur, México y fundó una gran familia…mi bisabuela fué Pilar Bareño Larrinaga, nacida en Loreto, Baja California Sur en 1837.
    Estoy haciendo una investigación para tener una guía familiar sobre todos los descendientes de Francisco Bareño Garayzar, la mayoría establecidos en las dos Baja Californias Mexicanas y la California Norteamericana. Me interesa conocer también los orígenes de esta familia y contactar a otros parientes….Saludos

    • David G. Bareño said,

      Lo Siento para Engles, me preferencia escibir en Engles. Yes… We are The Bareño from Baja Sur. My father is from that area – Armando Bareño. Any help that I can be for your quest for knowledge please let me know.

      We must be related.



      • Carlos Verdugo said,

        . Me interesa conocer también los orígenes de esta familia y contactar a otros parientes….Saludos
        Hi again David. I wrote you in spanish some years ago and didn´t see your answer until now. My great grandmother was Pilar Bareño Larrinaga, born in Loreto Baja California Sur, 1837.
        I am writing a new book about our Bareño family and have collected a lot of information of the Mexican Bareño families and their descendants.
        I need to get more information about the American families, closely related, to include them in the book. I would like to know your father and grandfather names to know exactly which branch of the Bareño family you belong. I also offer you to share my information with you and our relatives interested in our lineage. I opened a facebook page: Bareño de Baja California Sur in order to have a contact point and have uploaded a lot of information in it, you can visit it and see if some of its information is interesting yo you. It has a lot of old and new photos of Bareños…

    • antonio said,

      tengo todos los breños desde francisco breño garayzar y josefa larrinaga gastelum

    • Thierry said,

      soy frances y mi habuela es un Garayzar que nacio 1901 en Santa Rosalia.
      Su padre nacio en 1868 en Loreto y se llama Augustin GARAYZAR LARRINAGA.
      Creo que mi padre atrás atrás grande se llamaba José GARAYZAR y nacio en España.
      Quizaz somos parientes y tienes mas informaciones.
      Un saludo cordial

  4. Humberto Larrinaga said,

    Carlos Verdugo:

    Francisco Bareno se caso con Con Josefa Larrinaga Gastelum, Jose Perez con Soledad Larrinaga Gastelum y Jose Garayzar con Dolores Larringa Gastelum, Las tres hermanas descendientes de Juan Bautista Larrinaga y Maria del Pilar Gastelum, y ellos tres juntos recién llegados de España, Jose Perez Tuvo como descendencia hijas, así que su apellido se perdió, de las otras dos familias descendemos todos los que llevamos estos apellidos. espero que te sirva, saludos


    • Carlos Verdugo said,

      Gracias Humberto… Saludos!

  5. Nohe Alvarado Bareño said,

    Hi, I would like to join in this blog, my grandmother’s name is Maria del Pilar Peralta Meza, and my Grandfather’s name was Francisco Bareño Ceseña, I live in La Paz, Baja California Sur, I just left a post on the picture of the family’s coat of arms, you don’t know how excited I’m about this, I’m just 20 years old, and I cant wait for more knowledge about it. sorry about my english it is a little rusty, well.. I will be waiting for you answer.. thank you for do thing like this.

    • D. Bareño said,

      Hello! It is great to hear from you. Can you email me? or what is your email?

  6. annarose said,

    hi im the one of bareno im looking my father jimmy bareno!!hahhaha

    • D. Bareño said,

      Jimmy, I think my Dad knows Jimmy. Do you need to get a hold of him?

      • Nancy Lee Bareño Vda. de Paterson said,

        A cousin of mine is a Jimmy Bareño and his son is also Jimmy Bareño.
        They both live in Nevada. I also have a nephew James Derek Bareño.

        There may be a few more around. Nancy Bareño Vda. de Paterson

  7. Nancy Stephanie Paterson said,


    My name is Nancy Paterson. My mother’s maiden name is Nancy Lee Bareno, daughter of Ralphel and Carmen Bareno. I believe, I met John many years ago. I know my mother and I would both like to access the blog.

    Kind regards,


    • D. Bareño said,

      No problem! Do you have info you would like to post?

  8. Nancy Stephanie Paterson said,

    Not at this time, but I know my mother will.

  9. Josefina carnewal said,

    My grandmother and mother is BARENO from Baja California

    I would love to be able to learn more about BARENO thru your blog

  10. Josefina carnewal said,

    Would love to access your site my mother was bareño from Baja California

  11. Rene bareño nuñez said,!/pages/Bare%C3%B1o-de-Baja-California-Sur/136084696420451?sk=info
    Hola mi nombre es Rene de baja california sur , en esta pagina encontraras mucha historia de los primeros bareños en baja california sur ,

  12. alex bareno said,

    HI my name is Alex Bareno my father was Frank J Bareno borthers and sister’s Molly,mario,Elilas,vickey,Alex,Santiago

    • Carlos Verdugo said,

      Hi Alex. Could you tell me your grandfather´s name?

    • Carlos Verdugo said,

      I have this information about a family whose names fit with yours. Is this your family?

      31. Alejandro3 Bareño Verdugo (Francisco2 Bareño Larrinaga, Francisco1 Bareño Garayzar) nació el 27 de Septiembre de 1891 en La Purísima, BCS, México, se casó con Delfina Cuevas.
      Hijos de Alejandro Bareño Verdugo y Delfina Cuevas son:
      146. i Santiago4 Bareño Cuevas, nació en La Purísima, BC; se casó con María Anaya.
      147. ii Amalia Bareño Cuevas, nació en 1916 en La Purísima, BC; se casó con Alberto Torres Usarraga; se casó con Izidro Raell.
      148. iii Francisco Bareño Cuevas, nació en La Purísima, BC; se casó con Lidia Romero.
      149. iv Elías Jesús Bareño Cuevas, nació en La Purísima, BC, nació el 10 de Abril de 1921; se casó con María Luisa Villarino; se casó con Claudia Ybarra.
      150. v Alejandro Bareño Cuevas, nació en La Purísima, BC; se casó con Charlotte McPherson; se casó con Leonor Cota Rodríguez.
      151. vi Mario Bareño Cuevas, nació en La Purísima, BC; se casó con Katarina Real.
      152. vii Victoria Bareño Cuevas, nació en La Purísima, BC, se casó con Juan Meza.

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