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April 19, 2011 at 11:36 pm (History)

Dr. John Meza Bareno said,

May 10, 2009 at 8:23 pm · Edit

My name is Frank C. Peralta and a good friend of Dr. Bareno. He would like to express
the following: I’m 91 years of age and I have been researching our family background
for the past significant years. I have devoted my life for family unity. I would be more then happy to share with you my knowledge of our family history. I would enjoy meeting or hearing from you and sharing our background information. Please feel free to call me at home #619-698-6862- my address or write to 1815 Sweetwater Rd
Spring Valley ca. 91977, space 151



  1. Nohe Alvarado Bareño said,

    hi, I don’t know how to start, first of all, I don’t write very good english, so i will do my best.
    I live in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, i have in my hands right now the book that you write “The Bareño link in experience in terms of identity”, I have never readed before, and I just read a few pages, and I cant wait for read more to know everything that my head can hold, I need to know you, make for the record that I dont goingo to fail on this, I will know you sooner o later, I have to many question to do, and I know that you want to hear my histories too. I’m studiying architecture at the “Instituto tecnologico de La Paz” the same carrer that my father do at the “UAG(Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara”.. my father’s name is Nohe Alvarado Soria, my mother’s name was Teresita de jesus Bareño Peralta, my Grandmother’s name is Maria del Pilar Peralta Meza, and my Grandpather’s name was Francisco Bareño Ceseña, is all I have to say for now, I have Homework to do, But I will waiting for your answer.

  2. Tabitha Bareño said,


    This is Tabitha Bareño. My Dad is Elias Jesus Bareño JR. My Mother and I called Mario Bareño’s residents about two weeks ago and his step son told us that Mario had passed away. Mario’s step son told us that you have written a book about the Bareño family. Is this true?

    Thank you,

  3. Nancy Lee Bareño Vda. de Paterson said,

    Querido Primo John: Do you remember me? I am Nancy Bareño Vda. de Paterson. We met maybe 10 yrs. ago at your lovely daughter Syliva’s house. I am so enthused to hear from you. How is Francis? My husband of 47 yrs. passed away in Nov. 2010. In 2008, I retired from my P.T. assist. job and Duncan & I traveled abroad many times. He took me to Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao ( our ancestral home). We only had 3 days in each place and his energy was getting low, so we just saw the sights in Bilbao. Yet, I was left with a most heartwarming feeling of this city and its people.
    I really felt I belonged. Still working at my geneaology, but have had a few interruptions. Would love to hear from you. I will try to phone you in the next few days. (818)484-8018. I live in a condo: 1118 East Palmer Ave. #106, Glendale, California 91205. I often read the lovely letters you wrote to me. Con mucho amor y abrazos, Tu prima, Nancy Bareñoxxxx

  4. Nancy Stephanie Paterson said,

    Mom (Nancy Lee Bareno), I believe, it would have been more than twenty years ago that we met John Bareno.

    Nancy Stephanie Paterson

  5. Nancy Lee Bareño Vda. de Paterson said,

    To: Dr. John Meza. My daughter is right, it was in the 80’s when we met you. I just tried the above phone # (619) 698-6862 and it is no longer in service. I shall write you a short note and pray that it gets to you by snail-mail.
    Nancy Lee Bareño P.S. My Dad was Rafael Hill Bareño and his father was
    Don Santiago Llarrinaga Bareño, who married Lucrecia Hill. They lived in Ensenada and Calexico.

  6. Nancy Lee Bareño Vda. de Paterson said,

    I am waiting to hear a reply from someone. I do not understand how blogging works. Nancy Bareño Vda. de Paterson

  7. Shayna Muckerheide said,

    The correct phone number for Dr. Bareno Meza is 619-698-5862. I just spoke to him.

  8. Carlos Verdugo said,

    Hi, my name is Carlos Verdugo, and I am a grandson of Ubaldo Verdugo Bareño, son of Pilar Bareño Larrinaga. I live in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. The Californian Bareño family is huge and actually I am writing a genealogy book about it, something similar to the Dr Bareño book. I am interested to know more about the Santiago Bareño family and would like to contact Nancy Bareño by e mail. my adress is and additionally I opened a facebook page called “Familia Bareño de Baja California Sur”, to be used as a contact point to all the Bareño relatives

  9. alex bareno said,


    • D. Bareño said,

      Thanks for commenting!

  10. Adolfo Bareño said,

    Hello! Mi name is Adolfo Bareño I’m grandson of José Bareño Verdugo “El Güero”.

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